March 28, 2009

Rasta Bangles

Yesterday i started playing around with some ideas
for the Rasta Chic Bangles,
i thought it could be fun having those colorful shape
around the wrist. Here's the first new ones.
i really like the outcome, and especially the form of it,
not axact round..

March 26, 2009

Time for Romance

More of these romantic fusion,
mix of colors and materials...
can't help it:)
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March 22, 2009

A kind of evolution...

A few years ago i was doing these kind of necklaces,

this one above is made of brass wire and artificial pearls.

And this one, is made of a thin wire of sterling silver
with seed beads i've bought in Mexico and simple glass beads.
Both necklaces are sculpted like.

A few years later i was knitting these seed beads on a very thin golden or silver thread,

i've made an open end necklaces.
The efect was very gentle and beautiful.

This winter i was knitting Rasta Chic necklaces
out of cotton, fiber, wool and acrylic yarn.
It was sold on a few designer's shop in Tel-Aviv
and got very enthusiastic feedback.

So i thouht why not try something like this for the summer,
i've worked with a string and glass beads and came out

with this elegant & comfortable to wear necklace,

the Summer Rasta Chic.

March 21, 2009

So here i am

Very excited to start writing my blog, and it makes me happy to start it today-
the spring equinox! It is officially spring time now!:)

I'm going to share with you my work, the process, the inspiration.
I hope to enjoy it here, and i hope you'll enjoy this journey with me.

Best spring time