April 8, 2009

Thank you GOD, for the Internet!

If we're talking about big steps/small steps to mankind,
Then it is not the walk on the moon if you ask me,
It is the Internet!

Thanks' to God, to the US army, and whoever else
that made it possible
For us to connect in this way.

I still find it very exciting to know that my Jewelries
viewed by people
I could never have reached any other way.
Indonesia, Kazakhstan, New York, Croatia, Dubai..
These are only a few countries from the list.

I don't know about the moon (did it really happen…?),
But I do know Internet IS a big step for mankind!
A step that make me very very happy!:)

It is Passover in Israel
So I want to wish for a happy and blissful one
To all of us!


April 4, 2009

Do you give'm names?

To most of my jewelry i give a name,
since i ever started, i just love that.
It desrve a name i think!
Sometimes it will be the feel i get from it
while creating it, other times it's the first
association that comes to my mind.

Do you give a name to your creation?

Serenity necklace