April 4, 2009

Do you give'm names?

To most of my jewelry i give a name,
since i ever started, i just love that.
It desrve a name i think!
Sometimes it will be the feel i get from it
while creating it, other times it's the first
association that comes to my mind.

Do you give a name to your creation?

Serenity necklace


  1. I only name the ones I list in my hop. Some names are hard to think of lol.

  2. I give my clutches a name. They are one of a kind so it is only appropriate that they won't be all called "clutch":-))

  3. What a wonderful necklace. I will give my items a name if they remind me of someone or something while I'm working on them. I had one bag with a cherry blossom print that reminded me of a favorite aunt the whole time I worked on it. I didn't explain why I named it what I did though.

  4. i love it when it comes through the process
    of work..:)