April 18, 2010

A little treat

Selling on-line has many aspect, most of them i really like.
One thing that allways get my imagination going is- who is it behind the name
that purchase my jewelry, i never really know- what she looks like, her age, her style..
I guess that's the different between working on-line to selling your work at shops- where
you get to see the person that buy from you.
Comunicating with written words can give an idea, but it's never the same, and so there it is where my imagination feels up the details.

So a week ago one of my rings was purchased by a woman from Berlin who recieved the ring and left me a feedback with a photo of the ring on her finger. I was really happy and it gave me an idea- how wonderful would it be having a photo of my customer with their purchase?

I told her about it and asked her if i could have her photo so i could get to know the face behind the name, and write about it here, she agreed! Making me so happy about it!:)

So here she is- beautiful Dongyu from Berlin

Thank you Dongyu!:)



  1. It is so nice to see the faces behind the purchase.
    Great photo Dongyu :-)

    Oh...and I love your Jewelry ♥

  2. I absolutely know what you mean! (beautiful work btw!) I always wonder where my little guys end up... :)

  3. Great picture ! Love the crochet wire ! Beautiful work !!!